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Data / TV / Phones

entertainment system install With technology getting more advanced it’s not always that simple to set up your phones, computers, tv’s or whatever gadgetry you have. The team at TL Electrical are experienced in setting up and installing everything from phones to in-home cinemas to networked home computers. And we make sure all those ugly cables are tucked nicely out of sight.

Data Cabling Solutions

Are you currently realising the benefits of a complete data cabling solution? With clever television wiring and the latest technology, every member of your home can view and record TV, access their files and listen to their music anywhere where there is a television or personal computer connected to the system.

Be it one room or the whole house, TL Electrical can help you realise a smart data cabling solution that is easy to use and fits within your budget.

Phone Systems

Want a user-friendly, reliable and flexible telephone system without detracting from the look and feel of your home? We focus on keeping telephone wiring out of eyesight wherever possible to ensure that you have a telephone system that suits your budget and your family without detracting aesthetics. We can also integrate your phones with external intercoms for your door or gate.

Home Entertainment

Couple sitting in living room, using laptop and cell phoneWe can network your home entertainment system with your home computers, enabling access to all your files. You can share youtube videos with friends, watch your downloaded movies on a large screen, browse the internet, work from the couch, skype the family abroad … the world is at your fingertips with the comfort of your couch and a large screen.